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About Us

Topaz Dance Company is a fun and inclusive environment for all children from the age of 2 years old onwards to learn dance skills alongside other lifestyle skills. Here at Topaz Dance Company we pride ourselves on universality and building confidence in all our students.

Our Story

Topaz Dance Company started back in September 2017. Before this, the school was previously known as Joy Tinneys followed by Benham Academy. In 2017 Topaz Dance Studios was started by Harriet Dunford and was later taken over by Phoebe Glauert in 2022 and became Topaz Dance Company in 2023

Topaz Dance Company has produced and participated in many performances over the years and continues to host an annual musical every year and since 2023 have started to do a showcase in the summer. The company is asked to take part in many external performances every year including summer spectaculars at local schools and showcases at the local theatre.

Our annual musical is open to every student from Topaz Dance Company and everyone is involved. All students are given the opportunity to audition for a principal role should they wish and all students are welcomed and encouraged during the audition process.

Our most recent musical was "High School Musical Jr"

Some previous musicals produced by Topaz Dance Company include...

"When I Grow Up" - 2022

"Alice in Wonderland Jr" - 2020

"Fame Jr" - 2019

"Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr" - 2018

More About Us

Topaz Traditions

At Topaz there have been different traditions over the years. As new teachers have come and gone so have traditions. 

There are now three traditions at Topaz Dance Company
Head Girls
Awards Evening
Head Girls 

Head girls are usually three seniors who have worked exceptionally hard since they started dancing. It is a recognition of their commitment and hard work.
Our current head girls are:
Erin Hagg, Grace Henley & Lily Seaward
Just some of their roles as Head Girls are, assisting in classes, attend external events and to be role models to the younger children.
Awards Evening

Every year at the end of the summer term, we hold an awards ceremony to recognise and celebrate the achievements of the year. We will now be holding the awards ceremony at the end of our summer showcase. 

Every year Topaz hosts a musical in the second term at the local theatre which is  fantastic experience for our students. We have also begun a summer showcase at the end of the summer term. This is a smaller event in which all classes perform a dance that they have learnt in the summer term. All students are able to participate in both shows.
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