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What to wear and Where to get it
At Topaz Dance Company, we have a set uniform policy. Any leotards, shoes or accessories can be purchased through Miss Phoebe. Any Topaz branded uniform can be purchased through the link at the bottom of this page. It is important that the students at Topaz wear the correct uniform for safety and professionalism.
The uniform for Ballet is pink ballet tights and pink full sole ballet shoes with the following leotard...
Baby & Mini Ballet- Pink Skirted Leotard
Junior Ballet- Black Leotard and a Wrap skirt
Senior Ballet- Black Leotard
Musical Theatre:
The uniform for Musical theatre is a branded Topaz top or jumper with black trousers. Click the link at the bottom of the page to order your Topaz branded uniform. 
For Acro, the students are required to wear a black leotard with shorts. They will also require a Acro mat, ask Miss Phoebe for recommendations.
Jazz, Tap, Street Dance & Contemporary:
For all other classes at Topaz Dance Company, the students are to wear a leotard with black footless tights. For street dance students may wear plain black joggers, leggings. For Tap, the students will need black tap shoes and for Jazz, they will need black jazz shoes.
To order Topaz branded uniform, click the link below to visit the website

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